Introduction of Gliding Education

Gliding Education is an education consultant based in Hong Kong operated by a team of Oxford graduates. We have a track record of over 15 years, successfully helping students in their pursuit of quality education overseas and career development.

Noting the new trends in international education, it is no longer a simple task for parents or students to find out the right path. The traditional boarding schools in UK are well known for its all-round development, and sophisticated academic programmes eg Oxbridge courses specially designed to train up students for advanced education at top institutions. There are also a growing number of quality institutes in Continental Europe which offers a diversified cultural experience.

The trend towards more generalization in secondary education is notable, as evidenced by the rising popularity of IB (International Baccalaureate) in recent years, even among schools in HK, UK, and Continent Europe. The high quality of business training in tertiary institutes also offers another path to students who have identified a career path at an earlier stage.

Apart from academic studies, students have a strong desire to experience the overseas culture and form a global perspective, which is no doubt a critical skill for the later parts of their life. With the right level of support, students can set off in a more prepared manner at the beginning, and benefit the most out of the overseas education in the years to come.

We are passionate about being a key partner for the learning journey of future generations.

Stephen Chan, Founder of Gliding Education

Stephen graduated from University of Oxford with a Master degree in Engineering and Computing Science (First Class Honours). Prior to that, he studied at a local secondary school in Hong Kong and sat through the local public examinations ie HKALE and HKCEE. Owing to his background in both local and overseas education systems, Stephen is able to advise on the pros and cons, and how students can benefit the most out of the two systems.

An engineer by training, Stephen understands the importance of theory and practice. He pursued a career in banking upon graduation, and has a wealth of experience in Corporate and Investment Banking. When it comes to education, he puts emphasis on academic strength as well as professional development. He believes that upper secondary school education is a critical stage for all students, who are at the important juncture to make choices in education and career, which will set the path for the rest of their lives. It is for this very reason that Gliding Education is set up to provide advisory service and guide students through the process.

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