Gliding Education’s three levels of service: (1) Planning, (2) Application, and (3) Adaptation.


The process starts with assessing students’ academic and non-academic achievements. Based on the assessment and our market knowledge, Gliding Education will propose the potential avenues of further studies. Our focus is on the quality IB and GCE schools for secondary school students, and top university programs in specific fields for undergraduates.

Depending on the age of applicants, the planning process could take up to 1-2 years.


Gliding Education will assist students in completing applications with the highest standards, hence maximizing the chance of acceptance. Personal statements will be reviewed by local and overseas consultants, depending on conditions. Gliding will provide advisory and coaching service on interviews.


Upon acceptance of offers, Gliding will arrange the relevant visa application, guardianship and homestay where applicable, as well as pre-departure orientation. Premium service is also available on request to help students quickly adapt to the new environment eg private tutoring in local languages, counselling, careers advisory. There is close and regular liaison between the overseas guardians and parents to ensure the parents are updated with the student life.